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Jun 3, 2024 Accountancy Business Administration Faculty Research in Education

Twelve Gies faculty earn promotions for 2024

Twelve faculty members of Gies College of Business earned promotions from the University of Illinois. Promotion is a recognition of these faculty members’ ongoing dedication and productivity in the classroom and in the research field. Their efforts in these dual missions of the College elevate the reputation of Gies.

“This year’s list of faculty promotions is something worth celebrating,” said Mark Peecher, Executive Associate Dean of Faculty and Research and Deloitte Professor of Accountancy. “In this process, dossiers are prepared meticulously, instruction is assessed carefully, and scholarly works are scrutinized by accomplished external evaluators. This robust process conveys high confidence that each promoted faculty member is a productive colleague who will continue to shine brightly at Gies for years to come!”

Congratulations to the following faculty members who have received promotions:

To the rank of full professor

To the rank of associate professor with tenure

To the rank of Clinical Associate Professor

To the rank of Senior Lecturer

Among these faculty, Kim Mendoza was particularly recognized with a 2024 Distinguished Promotion Award from the U of I. During its annual promotion review process, the Campus Committee on Promotion and Tenure identifies exceptional cases of scholars whose contributions have been extraordinary in terms of quality of work and overall achievement. Only a small percentage of scholars at each level of tenured faculty promotion (associate professor and full professor) are selected to receive this distinction.

These promotions will become effective August 16, 2024.