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The Gies cohort sequence enables you to take a deep dive into important topics that span across majors in Gies and across the field of business. As a Gies student, you will take four foundational courses in professional responsibility, business dynamics, business in action, and global business. You move through these courses as one cohort, so even though you split off into different majors, you will converge back as one group. These courses will deepen your understanding of your place in business and how you can learn to see things differently, understand others’ perspectives, develop new ways of thinking and doing, and find opportunities to help others. This sequence embodies Business on Purpose.

Foundational courses offered through the cohort sequence

BUS 101: Professional Responsibility and Business

"Professional Responsibility and Business" explores the social value of business, the vocation of business, and ethics and professional responsibility. Business 101 helps you think aspirationally about business and how it adds value for customers. You will emerge with a strong sense of what it means to participate in communities of all kinds – and why responsibility and accountability are so essential to a career in any type of business.

BUS 201: Business Dynamics

"Business Dynamics" is built around a business simulation. You will be introduced to the primary functional areas of business and how each functional area relates to creating a business system. In addition to engaging in a dynamic business simulation, you are taught to think and engage like a leader. The ability to manage teams, become an effective presenter, network, and manage conflicts prepares you to enter Business 301: Business in Action.

BUS 301: Business in Action

“Business in Action", one of the largest experiential learning courses in the nation, is offered through the Magelli Office of Experiential Learning. You will spend the semester analyzing and solving business problems for Fortune 100 corporations, mid-sized and startup companies, and non-profit organizations. Working in teams of 6-7, you will learn to develop strategies to solve complex problems and prepare to share your story with recruiters. This valuable experience means you will graduate more prepared for the real world, more prepared to add value from day one, and more prepared to succeed in your career. 

BUS 401: Global Business Perspectives

"Global Business Perspectives" teaches seniors about the globalization of business. You will consider topics such as technology, GDP, trade, culture/ethics, and the environment. In addition to taking stock of the world around you, you will also develop skills to overcome personal and professional obstacles, reflect upon what motivates you, and think about small ways you can improve the world around you.

A purpose-driven student experience

At Gies, you will find an environment where all can achieve, where you have the opportunity to discover your own path to purpose. Inclusiveness, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity make for a strong community that encourages others to push forward. The entrepreneurial spirit at Gies will drive you to challenge the status quo. Integrity and professional responsibility are at the heart of it all. These values help prepare and empower you to become an exceptional, innovative, purposeful, and ethical business leader.

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